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What happens when you book a session with CasaBay Photography ? 

we always start a plan


Every CasaBay Photography Session starts with a plan. The best way to provide you with beautiful images and a stress-free photographic experience is to know exactly what we are hoping to achieve during our time together. 

We take an organized approach to every session. Whether we are shooting a wedding, or a professional headshot. We will discuss things like: What are you planning on doing with the images? Will they be used in publication? Will they be printed and framed? Are you looking for a one of a kind album? Are you looking for lifestyle or traditional photography?

By making sure we fully understand what your goal is, we can make suggestions, increase customer satisfaction, and we are able create an experience that will put a smile on your face. 

Our full process is comprised of 4 steps:

  1. Consultation
  2. Photo Session
  3. Viewing/Ordering Appointment
  4. Order Delivery


"What a joy to work with Maria! From our first meeting to emails, scheduling and most importantly the day of our shoot. She made it easy and FUN! My husband and daughter usually dread photoshoots but when we were done my husband said that was FUN I'd do it again. We went to an amazing location that my husband picked. We were never rushed and took our time capturing images. An hour in my husband chose to take pictures on his own and wanted to jump off a box! Maria put my mind at ease about my daughter's choices for clothes, knee socks and crazy bangs! It was FUN!!! We will most definitely book with Maria again."

/ Michelle/

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1. The Consultation


The consultation is the time to discuss your goals and ask every question you may have about our services, products, equipment, turnaround, etc. We will ask questions too, like what are you planning on doing with your beautiful images once you have them?. Together we will develop a plan to ensure we create a custom session just for you. From what to wear, where to go, how to prepare the kids, to how the images will be displayed in your home or office, the consultation will answer ALL your questions. Every session is carefully planned and designed together with our clients to ensure great results every time. This is also the best time to get to know each other. It is always easier to work with people who know us, and it gives us the perfect opportunity to learn about your family. A successful session is always the product of a a good relationship with our clients. Let's grab a coffee and get to talking! 

2. The Session


We will meet 10 minutes early the day of the session in the location agreed during our consultation. If we are doing a location shoot with additional lighting an additional 15 minutes will be needed for lighting set up before the session. 


additional info for Families: 

We have been in the business for years and know full well that photography sessions can be stressful. From wondering about the weather, stressing about the outfit choices, to worrying if the kids will behave, there is a lot to think about. Sessions with CasaBay Photography are the complete opposite. Our main goal during our session of to create a relaxed and enjoyable environment, we just want you to have fun. We believe a comfortable client looks great in every picture and happy people always create natural and authentic images, so we make it our number one priority for you and your family to enjoy our time with us. 

Maria has over 7 years experience as a teacher working with kids ages 2 to 16, in addition to that she was been a full time photographer for 8 years working with families. There is very little your little ones can do that we haven't see before. We don't mind the crazy and we encourage the quirky. We know the session is going well when you and your children feel like you can be yourselves around us. We pride ourselves on being able to create a fun environment and capture amazing images of even the most reluctant subjects, big and small. 

3. Ordering appointment


This is when everything we have worked for pays off. The ordering appointment is the time when you get to finally see the images we worked to hard to create. This can take place at your home or our studio. Digital Images are delivered via online gallery the same day as your ordering appointment.


additional info for families:

You will see your images in a slideshow to music and will be able to design art for your home. We will help you go through your images and choose your favorites. Together we can create wall displays, collages, and albums. Please remember that this is the time when you will finalize your portrait order, so all decision makers need to be present. All orders are final and payment plans are available.

4. Order Delivery


3 to 4 weeks after ordering, your printed images and albums will be ready for pick up or delivery. We will contact you and make the necessary arrangements for you to take your beautiful images home and display them for years to come. 



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