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New Intro to Digital Photography Class is starting in November.

Do you want to understand your camera and learn how to take better pictures? This class is for you!

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Your camera may be smart, but you are smarter!

Discover the possibilities of creating digital images in this fun introductory course. 


We are all born photographers, but we all don’t posses the technical knowledge to makes images that look exactly the way we want them. This course will introduce you to the mechanics of a digital camera and show you how intentional images are created. You will learn basic camera techniques and camera controls necessary to cultivate and execute your creative ideas through hands on training. We will cover the basic way to use a Digital SLR camera in manual mode and learn to identify how different in-camera effects are created (light painting, bokeh, etc). The class will end with our very own photography exhibit. 


We offer three types of photography classes:


Hands-On Auto Photo Workshop: Learn the basics of your camera to capture better pictures in this SLOW PACED photography class in Colorado Springs, CO. This 3 session workshop is great for parents who want to learn how to take better pictures of their kids in a non-posed environment. Because of the practical nature of this class and the fact that we always have a very small group, photo workshop is designed for you to take GREAT photos on your Auto modes). The information is divided into 4 two hour lessons and handouts are provided. 


Intro to Digital Photography:  This course is designed to be an introduction to digital photography and the mechanics of the camera. We will only work with manual mode and learn how to control our cameras. The information is divided into 5 "lessons" and handouts will be provided. We would meet once a week and each class will last 2 hours. In this class you will learn about exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and composition guidelines.


The Art of Children's Portraiture: Gone are the days of matching outfits, fake smiles, and painted backdrops. Today’s children and family photography is genuine, relaxed, and expressive. Join award winning family photographer Maria Bay in The Art of Children’s Portraiture as she explores how to work with children to cleverly capture the smiles, the tantrums, and all the cuteness in between. From catching great expression and body language, to modern posing techniques, and lighting, this class thoroughly explains how you can develop image story telling skills and create quality photography that captures the true personality of your little ones and will be preserved for years to come. Whether you are a parent who wishes to photography your own children, or a photographer who is interested in the wonderful field of family portraiture, this class offers fresh insights and solid know-how necessary to successfully and consistently create expressive, and genuine portraits of children. Maria will share tips and tricks she has developed in over 8 years of photographing families and walk you through how to create a fun and relaxed environment for children and parents alike. 


Our number one priority is for you to walk away form these classes having a clear understanding of how your camera works and how to create those images you have in mind. Because of this, we limit the number of students to 8. This allows for ample time for each individual to ask questions and it enables us to provide the individual guidance needed. Smaller group classes or private photo lessons available upon request.

A deposit is required to reserve your spot! CONTACT US by email or phone to get more information or to sign up.



Want to know what people thought about this class? Hear what our students have to say!


It took me 5 years to develop the curriculum for this class and I have to say I am very proud of it. I was a teacher for some years before I started my photography business and my love of teaching is the reason I started this course. There is something very special about showing people how to control their equipment and make it work for them to create the image they want, to create an INTENTIONAL IMAGE!

Watch two of my past students talk a bit about the class, what they learned, and what they thought of the instructor. 


Cari - "I would definitely recommend the class... I was really impressed with Maria as a photography instructor."


Charlie - "I have taken many classes... this is infinitely better!"


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