Are professional headshots important for your business?

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4 Reasons Professional Headshots Help Your Business

Most think that if it's not a wedding or a maternity shoot, a subpar photographer will do. However, headshots for your company can be one of the most calling situations for a professional photographer. At Casa Bay Photography, we believe that pictures shouldn't just serve a purpose, but also tell a story. That's why we've composed a few reasons why your company's story is worth a professional.

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Professional Headshots provide you with an opportunity to showcase Your People

What better way can you show your employees they matter than to invest in a photographer? If your boss cared enough to put together a superior portrait of you, you might just work harder too! Also, your people is what makes your business great. You wouldn't be anywhere without the bread and butter of the organization. So, why not show customer's the face of the people who make it happen. It makes your company look friendly, local, and inviting.

Colorado Springs Photographer Headshots

A professional headshot can communicate who you are: Your Image

Whether their headshots are magnets on the fridge or plastered on a billboard, these photos represent your company. The quickest way to loose a consumer's attention is with a cut-and-paste smile and a dry backdrop. The best way to loose the bland mugshots is to hire a photographer that thrives in fun! If we at Casa Bay Photography can capture a family's field adventure, we definitely can put together a flattering portfolio of your employees.

Wanting some group pics of your coffee house staff? We can huddle your baristas together in their aprons or take business-casual photos at a local park. It's all about customization because your image is unique, just like your headshots should be.

Colorado Springs Photographer Headshots

Having a professional headshot communicates Your Expertise

Each and every photo of your employees or of your business reflects it's standards. This can be pretty intimidating because of the media dominated world we live in today. So much as a blurry profile picture can exemplify unprofessionalism to a high degree. Sadly, your experience level is directly assumed by the first impression a customer has of you. That first impression is unfortunately, typically not in-person. Get yourself in the customer's door and stuck in their head with a professional headshot or marketing image of your business.

Colorado Springs Photographer Headshots

Your headshot delivers a specific message, You Choose What to Say

We use a headshot for marketing and social media, it is how most of our clients see us for the first time. It is easy to settle for a subpar photo, or generic picture from a wedding we attended last year, but that is not always congruent with what we want our customers to see and know about us. A professional photographer will provide you with a marketable image, that is not only great quality, but also delivers a message of professionalism and legitimacy that makes your business stand out from the competition. 

Social media doesn't have to be an intimidating way to market your business. Actually, it can be very useful! Here's a few other ways to grow your company, especially if you're on a shoestring budget. Get started bettering your business today, you'll see the benefits tomorrow!

Colorado Springs Photographer Headshots

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