"I jump around. I am never satisfied with staying in one spot very long. I couldn't stay with the trees, I couldn't stay with the rivers. But I can always stay with people, because they really are different."
Imogen Cunningham

Based out of Colorado Springs, Maria travels the world specializing in lifestyle wedding photography and portraiture. As the founder of CasaBay Photography, her goal is simple: to tell your story through beautiful images that are true to who you are. 



Mission statement

CasaBay Photography provides intentional, expressive, artistic photographic services, customized to each client, for those with a discerning taste for quality portrait photography. We believe in creating dynamic, comfortable photography sessions that allow the client to relax and reveal his or her true personality. We also value individuality and understand that each client’s photographic style will be different, making us passionate about getting to know each person.

about photography:

“I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them.”
- Diane Arbus -  
“One must be able to gain an understanding at short notice and close range of the beauties of character, intellect, and spirit so as to be able to draw out the best qualities and make them show in the outer aspect of the sitter. To do this one must not have a too pronounced notion of what constitutes beauty in the external and, above all, must not worship it. To worship beauty for its own sake is narrow, and one surely cannot derive from it that esthetic pleasure which comes from finding beauty in the commonest things.”
- Imogen Cunningham -

about business:

“Count no day lost in which you waited your turn, took only your share, and sought advantage over no one.”
- Robert Brault -
“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”
- Colin Powell -