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Hello, my name is maria.

I am a multi-award winning internationally published portrait photographer. I love photographing people and making them look amazing! I believe that everybody out there is photogenic when they are relaxed and comfortable, so it is my number one priority to create a fun and relaxing environment for my clients. I will take care of everything, posing, lighting, clothes... all I want you to worry about is enjoying the experience and looking great!

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Some stuff about me:

  • When I am not behind the camera, you can find me cozied up on the couch with my two kitties reading any, and all, Jane Austen books... Oh Mr. Knightley!

  • I love spending time with my wonderful hubby. We used to cozy up on the couch and binge watch The Office, but now we enjoy running and hiking.

  • I have lived in Peru, Brazil, England, China, Ukraine, and the US (AZ, TX, MA, OR, CO)

  • I was a teacher for many years before becoming a full time photographer

  • My favorite age to work with is 2 year olds. They are the best!

  • I am extremely competitive and take my job extremely seriously... but I don't take myself seriously at all!

  • I love photography gear... I need all the lenses!

  • My first photography job was working as a photographer for a magazine in China. That is when I fell in love with portraiture and headshot photography.

  • I edit almost every session with my cat on my lap. He is the cutest little helper out there.

  • I am what you call a cat lady... though I am allergic to cats ;)

  • When I work I get into what I call "Glamorous photographer poses" ... It can be interesting... I AM NOT GRACEFUL!


I love meeting new people and I would love to meet you! If you are thinking you might want to work together, let's talk! Tell me what your ideal session looks like and I will be more than happy to do everything I can to make it happen!

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CasaBay Fine Art Portraiture1.png

"I jump around. I am never satisfied with staying in one spot very long. I couldn't stay with the trees, I couldn't stay with the rivers. But I can always stay with people, because they really are different." - Imogen Cunningham -




CasaBay Photography is a Colorado Springs based portrait photographer who provides intentional, expressive, artistic photographic services, customized to each client, for those with a discerning taste for quality portrait photography. We believe in creating dynamic, comfortable photography sessions that allow the client to relax and reveal his or her true personality. We also value individuality and understand that each client’s photographic style will be different, making us passionate about getting to know each person.


“I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them.” - Diane Arbus -

“One must be able to gain an understanding at short notice and close range of the beauties of character, intellect, and spirit so as to be able to draw out the best qualities and make them show in the outer aspect of the sitter. To do this one must not have a too pronounced notion of what constitutes beauty in the external and, above all, must not worship it. To worship beauty for its own sake is narrow, and one surely cannot derive from it that esthetic pleasure which comes from finding beauty in the commonest things.” - Imogen Cunningham -


“Count no day lost in which you waited your turn, took only your share, and sought advantage over no one.” - Robert Brault -

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” - Colin Powell -


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